“The food was gorgeous to look at and delicious to eat, can't wait to bring my friends.” 


R. Wright

"This food is so awesome and the prices are very reasonable.  Glad I came here to eat."


“What can I say, you guys at Cheers! At The Bar-B-Q Hut are AWESOME” 


Kathy J.

"So glad their back, reminds me of when I was a kid and ate here, so good and delicious"

S. Smith

"So glad Pine Bluff has a great place to eat and great tasting food." 


F. Scott

“Cheers! At The Bar-B-Q Hut's, Soul Food Hot Bar is impeccably authentic and shockingly flavorful; the food melts in your mouth.  Now I know why they say they (Bring Flavor to the Table and the South to your Mouth)”  


TMP Amici Aeternum